David Cooley

President and General Manager

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David Cooley has been in the construction industry since 1979. A graduate of William & Mary, he began his appreciation of historic neighborhoods in Williamsburg. His introduction to new-home construction quickly developed into a love of old houses when be became a resident of Church Hill. Since then, he has restored over forty-five old houses completely, as well as numerous improvements from porch restorations to complementary additions.

A carpenter by trade, he has done commercial trim carpentry in large historic buildings such as the Federal Courthouse and the Executive Mansion. His attention to detail has enabled him to build additions that blend with the historic character of fine homes in Church Hill, the Fan and the West End.

Jessica Jordan has been involved in RBVa from the very beginning. She was the original payroll clerk, when RBVa boasted hiring its first carpenter's apprentice. She also ran her own painting crew for several years, creating and producing the four-color paint scheme which is now a hallmark of many RBVa-restored houses. She still selects the color scheme on many interiors and exteriors, using lively, imaginative colors to highlight the architectural details of historic buildings. As the head of "bean counting", her job is to remind the President, David Cooley, of the dollars and sense reality of saving old houses from the wrecking ball.

Raised in Church Hill, Sydney Jordan Cooley was surrounded by the buildings that her father, David Cooley, had restored. She even distinctly remembers a punishment for misbehavior in high school involved shoveling gravel behind a newly restored 3002 East Broad. It’s no wonder that she developed the same love and respect for old buildings, as well as for those who shovel gravel, that her father has.

Sydney started working for RBVa in high school before she attended the City College of New York. While in New York, she supported herself working for architecture firms and doing minimalist carpentry for the same. Her love for the ornate and the basic- as long as it was a physical puzzle to be solved- brought her back to carpentry after bookkeeping, teaching art, Civics and English, studying and obtaining her major in printmaking and Spanish, managing the English department at a private school in Guatemala, and being a bike messenger in New York City. Back to carpentry now for a few years, Sydney hasn’t lost her other interests: she designs and makes the company shirts, produces advertisements, teaches carpentry and good manners, and rides her bike to work as much as possible.

Sofia Zachrisson has multinational corporate experience. She was born and raised in Guatemala but has traveled all over the world, learning new methods for the optimization of operational procedures. Her background is in finance, business and intercultural studies. Sofia has taken Engineering courses in Mexico she has also studied Finance in Richmond, VA. When Sofia isn’t working hard at RBVA she spends her time reading, solving puzzles, traveling and cooking.

Jessica Jordan

Chief Financial Officer

Sydney Jordan-Cooley

VP, Field Mgr and Lead Carpenter

Sofia Zachrisson

Chief Operating Officer

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