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RBVa has fully restored 30 homes and has been involved in the renovation of 100's more. We provide restoration services beginning in the design phase, throughout the construction phase and ending with completing the punch list. Although all restorations are unique, they do generally include the following phases:

Design and Planning

In the majority of restorations, the homeowner is encouraged to work with an architect to develop the restoration design. RBVa reviews the design and provides practical input relative to restoring the historical elements of the building. In other words, we help determine where modernization makes sense, and which elements would be important to restore in order to maintain the original design.


RBVa develops a budget for the project, obtains permits, schedules sub-contractors and sets a project completion date.


We coordinate every aspect of the construction phase and maintain good communication with the homeowner and architect throughout the process.

Project Completion

At RBVa we pride ourselves on providing a true turnkey service to our clients. Our carpenters complete the final details on the project and leave the project area free of debris from the construction. Just turn the key and step into your newly restored home.

This house had been abandoned for over twenty years, and the foundation had settled 18 inches in one corner. Restoration Builders gutted the house, jacked it up, built a new foundation, and put in all new mechanical systems. All of the original trim was restored and two rental units were designed. This house qualified for historic tax credits.

This country Greek Revival home, built in the 1860s, had been vacant for several years when the current owners purchased and restored it. Most of the mechanicals in the home dated to a 1950s renovation and the English basement was taking on water and had been ravaged by termites and powder post beetles. Restoration Builders did extensive framing repairs to replace beams damaged by bugs and rot, removed the garage doors to make a more functional space, added a door to the kitchen,  replaced the front porch, and brought the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical into the 21st century, while earning Historic Tax Credits for the project.

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This historic home tax-credit project in the gas-light district of Church Hill and built in 1812 needed a lot of TLC. We re-framed the interior, opening up the space and restoring damaged existing framing using as much of the old material as we could while modernizing all rooms. We also did exterior repairs including rebuilding original porch columns, re-pointing masonry, and installing an updated roof.

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